Executive and Leadership Coaching

Executive and Leadership Coaching: - Refers to working with the leaders and executives of an organization to help them maximize their abilities and lead their teams well through a one-to-one partnership with the leader or contacting with the organization. Benefits: - · Supporting leaders in deep self-awareness journey. · Working with leaders to bring positive and impactful change. · Helping leaders to communicate more effectively and influentially. · Helping leaders achieve even higher levels of success. · Supporting leaders in developing leadership competencies. · Helping leaders in solving workplace related challenges or conflicts. How Does It Work? · Designing alliance and agreeing on coaching objectives and expectations. · Conducting Leadership Assessment using highly credible tools. · Conducting the one-to-one sessions based on trust and confidentiality. · Developing the action plan and action items for pursual. Target Audience: - · Current organizational leaders. · High potential leaders. · First time leaders.

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