My Services are Uniquly Designed

We offer top-notch services based on profound and handson experience in the industry.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Working with the leaders of an organization to help them maximize their abilities and lead their teams well through a one-to-one partnership with the leader or contacting with the organization.

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Leadership Development Programs

Providing tailored leadership journeys for senior executives and management layer to sharpen the leadership capabilities.

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Career Coaching

Is an intervention that helps clients focus on their current career situation, think about what they want in the future and creating a plan to get there. Also helping clients with their career shifts and transitions.

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Human Resources Workshops

Well-designed and interactive workshops to equip HR Professionals with the technical know-how and tools in different HR and talent management areas.

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Talent Branding Service

Is the process of candidates’ value communication using my accumulative experience in HR (20 Yrs.), MENA Region market knowledge and exposure to hundreds of profiles in different business areas.

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