Talent Branding Services (TBS)

Talent Branding Services: - Is the process of candidates’ value communication using my accumulative experience in HR (20 Yrs.), MENA market knowledge and exposure to hundreds of profiles in different business areas. Talent Branding Services (TBS) includes: - Resume Writing Service: - Which help you develop your evidence-based resume by figuring out your powerful achievements, aspects of your work history and areas of expertise using the proper language and keywords based on the HR mindset to attract your prospective employers and have the preliminary call. LinkedIn Profile Building Service: - Which help you build a strategic LinkedIn profile with high searchability and best online presence adhering to LinkedIn advanced tips, tricks, and recommendations. Using our know-how of advanced techniques, LinkedIn search algorithms, market knowledge and accumulative HR experience (20 years). How Does It Works? 1- Data gathering call. 2- Drafting the resume. 3- Revising the resume. 4- Building LinkedIn profile. 5- LinkedIn online training. (Optional)

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